Leading specialists in power transmission and distribution.

Amplitude Consultants offer a comprehensive range of services.

Key Technical Specialties

  • Power transmission and distribution
  • High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)
  • High voltage land and submarine cables
  • Power electronics and FACTs
  • Renewable Energy Connections
  • Strategic Services

Power Transmission and Distribution

As a specialist in the field of power transmission and distribution, Amplitude can deliver high level consulting services in a range of technical areas, including conceptual design, feasibility studies, design review, operations and maintenance review, failure and root cause analysis and the review and witnessing of factory testing.

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)

HVDC technology has experienced significant technological development in the past decade which has contributed to an increase in the number of applications of HVDC technology worldwide. The specialist nature of HVDC often necessitates the need for the developers, owners and operators of HVDC projects to have access to experienced resources who have a solid understanding of all aspects of HVDC transmission. Amplitude can provide personnel with experience with all stages of HVDC project development, implementation, operation and maintenance.

High Voltage Land and Submarine Cables

The specialised nature of high voltage cables often require the need for technical advice and support during the scoping, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning process. Amplitude can provide high level consulting advice for both land and submarine cables, including conceptual design, options analysis, specification, and the consideration of operation and maintenance issues. Amplitude can field a team with experience in the root cause analysis and failure investigation of high voltage cables, the factory testing and installation of land and submarine cables and the development of operational procedures and practices for land and submarine cables in operation.

Power Electronics and FACTs

Flexible A.C. Transmission systems, such as Static VAr Compensators (SVCs) and Static Syncronous Compensators (STATCOMs) are often implemented to address issues experienced in a.c. transmission and distribution networks. For some of these applications, such as STATCOMs, the technologies and equipment utilised to deliver this capability and the principals to be applied to their operation and maintenance can be the same or similar to those used in HVDC converter stations. Amplitude can assist with the project development, implementation, operation and maintenance of these power electronic and FACTs devices.

Renewable Energy Connections

Amplitude can assist with the transmission connection of your renewable energy project, including the review, scoping and feasibility of connection options to the transmission or distribution network. For projects where an HVDC connection is to be used or considered, we can provide our clients with technical consulting services for all stages of the development, implementation, operation and maintenance of the HVDC connection. We can field a team of specialists to provide technical services and/or technical due diligence for the electrical reticulation and transmission or distribution grid connection of the renewable energy project.

Strategic Services

Whether you are looking for an experienced team to undertake the technical due diligence of power transmission and distribution assets, undertake a review of your existing operation and maintenance processes or facilitate workshops for improving your transmission or distribution network, Amplitude can assist by matching appropriately skilled and experienced team members to your project.